Costume Design & Commissions

The role of a costume designer is to create a look for each character that effectively expresses them. I strive to do that for each and every person I work with.

Designs for productions begin at $500.

Need help creating a costume or cosplay piece? Costs for commissions begin as low as $150.

Need help picking the perfect outfit for a special night? Personal stylist costs begins at $100.

Makeup Design & Application

Makeup Artists utilize makeup and/or prosthetics to aesthetically enhance or alter an individual's look for special events and productions.

Photo shoots or productions requiring simple or glam makeup start at $150/day.

Photo shoots or productions requiring injury or special effects makeup start at $175/day. Extra for prosthetics.

Makeup application for one person starts at $50.

Hair Styling for one person starts at $50.

Wig Styling or Maintenance starts at $50.

Makeup Lessons or Tutorials start at $40.

Social Media Managing

Consistency in your online presence is extremely important. I offer several options that can all be tailored to your company's needs. Consultation is on me. Let's figure out what you need to bring up those likes and subs.


*** All contracts tailored to company's needs.

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